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Project details

Description:Strategic Aircraft is specialzes in the sale of top quality small aircraft. The site was created to allow the owner to regularly update content and add plane listings with ease, using WordPress as a Content Management System.

The site was designed with a clean, light feel to help put the focus on the content and draw the user into viewing the available listings. All of the page content and plane listings are easily updatable through an admin area, with the home page acting as a hub to display recent listings and latest company activity from their blog and facebook page. Call to action buttons are used on every page throughout the site to direct potential customers on the next move to take.

Services: Bullet Splodge Website design  Bullet Splodge Website development  Bullet Splodge WordPress  Bullet Splodge Content Management System


Testimonial:"When I was in need of a Web site, I hired a local company that appeared to have the ability to create the kind of site I wanted. Four months later, all I had was an invoice and a concept that looked like something that had come from the 80’s. Fortunately, a friend referred me to John and a few weeks later I had a professional site, live. John was patient and responsive as guided me through the process. The end result was a site that was far more functional than I knew was possible. I would highly recommend John to anyone in need of a Web site."  - Tim Lundquist, www.strategicaircraft.com