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Project details

Client:Mannington Mills, Inc.

Description:Mannington Mills is a large US manufacturer of residential and commercial flooring. To communicate benefits plans to it's employees effectively; an online flipbook was used with each page individually designed to be engaging and interactive. The on-screen book looks and feels just like a real one, and uses a series of videos, animations, voice-overs, and pop-ups to interact with the user.

Credits:Produced for Axcept Media.

Services: Bullet Splodge Design  Bullet Splodge Flash


Testimonial:"You are my hero right now! I really appreciate everything that you have done - and done extremely well. Thanks!"  - Kristin Erb, V.P., Operations

"You did such a good job on it that we now have to steal a bunch of elements from it for another book :) It's become the new "go-to" layout for this particular client."  - Dana Allison, Project Coordinator