Why is this random HTML button submitting my form…?

Good question.  And the very same one that I had.

Here’s something new I learned:

If I have a button anywhere on the same page as my form, then that button decides that it wants to submit that form.  Even if I have a submit button within the form.

The solution

Put type=”button” on the button.  Then the browser knows that it’s a button:

<button type="button">Random button somewhere on the page</button>

You’d think that the fact that the element is called ‘button’ would be enough of a clue.

3 much appreciated responses...

  1. Abbas says:

    Thank you so much. Saved me from unnecessary worry. Such a simple thing and yet I didn’t know 😉

    • John B says:

      Haha yep, took me a while and a few cups of coffee to figure it out!

  2. Matt says:

    Wow… I owe you a beer sometime. That was suppppper annoying. What engineer thought to himself: “Hey lets make any random button element, connect to any random form element, and connect the submit action to it”

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