Design websites with a British accent

If you’re an established web designer/developer then I’m sure that this situation sounds familiar to you:

Client: “This design is great, but this lorem ipsum placeholder text you put in doesn’t sound intelligent enough.”

You: “I know. This has been an ongoing problem for me with many of my clients, but there just aren’t any intelligent sounding lorem ipsum options out there for me to use.”

Client: “Maybe if it sounded more British.”

You: “Oh man. Where on earth am I going to find a British version of Lorem Ipsum?! Does that even exist?”

Now it does.

Introducing the newest breakthrough in intelligent sounding lorem ipsum:  British Ipsum

Now your designs can sound just like a British person made them.  It’s created by an authentic British person for maximum realism and authenticity.  It’s unscientifically proven to increase how intelligent your design sounds by up to infinity percent.

2 much appreciated responses...

  1. Ozzy says:

    Lol, good one… Although, it’d be better if you’d left out the negative words, and used cockney slang instead… (e.g. She refused to help me move my Kangaroo Pouch. Can you Adam and Eve it?)

  2. Henrik says:

    This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for something to replace my dull standard lorem ipsum. Long live british ipsum!

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