Who am i?

A Picture of Me!

My name's John, a cheery chappy born and raised in the heart of England. After studying design at Brunel University in London, I graduated with 1st class honors and ventured out to travel across the ocean and start my career in the US of A.

I used to work as a senior front-end web developer for an interactive agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which allowed me to work with some big clients such as Bank of America, Hertz, Merrill Lynch and the like, but I recently ventured out on my own as a web interface designer / custom WordPress developer, which gives me a chance to work with clients on a more personal level.

I specialize in crafting beautiful websites from scratch, designed specifically to help you meet you goals. I then provide custom integration with the WordPress platform to bring your design to life and give you the power and control to manage your own site, tailored to your exact requirements.

I'm also the founder and lead developer at Smash Balloon LLC, a company founded to design and build high quality social media plugins for the WordPress platform.

From UK to the USA Illustration

But why work with me?But why work with me?

Lots of reasons, but here's a few:

1)  I produce high quality work  I like to produce work that I can be proud of. Work which is beautiful on the inside as well as out. I'm not interested in churning out crap to make a quick buck, I'm interested in ensuring that my clients get the best possible value for their investment.

2)  I'm a one-stop-shop.  As I excel at both web design and development then I'm able to handle entire projects from start to finish, from conceptualization right through to the launch. This results in consistency in both design and implementation, and negates any potential miscommunication issues which can occur when working with multiple parties.

3)  I'm pleasant to work with.  I love having great working relationships with my clients. Producing great work is important, but so is being polite, honest, flexible and reliable. These four values are often overlooked but can make a tremendous difference to the outcome of a project. Let's face it, no one wants to work with someone who is abrupt, dishonest, unreliable and tries to nickle and dime you for everything. The process of creating a website is meant to be fun!

4)  I'm jolly good.  Some people just hire me because they like the British accent, but most do it because I'm jolly good at what I do.